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Why Mortgage Leaders Love MMG

"MMG is one of the best tools I've ever seen to help Loan Officers master fiscal literacy."
Todd Duncan
Master Mortgage Coach
NYT Bestselling Author of “High Trust Selling”
Top 1% Mortgage Originator
"MMG's approach to providing information about the industry is excellent."
Rob Chrisman
Capital Markets Consultant
The narrative, in layman's terms

Rather than too much technical info so I can share it with partners in the next conversation.

Rob Chrisman
Capital Markets Consultant
Part of my toolkit for 22 years

The team has become my partners. We've been able to help many clients because of the data provided by MMG.

Rob Denning
We use it every single day.

We send MMG Weekly to all of our partners...Thank you for educating me so I can educate our clients.

Linda Davidson
Branch Manager
We start and end our day with MMG.

We surveyed our Loan Officers about the tools they rely on the most. Tabrasa's tools received high marks.

TJ Kennedy
Executive Vice President
Use Tabrasa. They're fantastic.

I wouldn't be who I am and able to educate our members without Bill and his team. MMG Daily is perfect.

Peter Benjamin
I've been with MMG for 20 years

MMG...consistent, never ending value and advice. Allows you to bring huge value to the marketplace.

Jim McMahan
Intraday Video Updates
Get the latest information and insights with our intra-day video updates. Stay up to date on market trends, news, and analysis, delivered directly to your computer or phone.
Market Trends
Stay ahead of the competition with real-time market updates and expert analysis.
Gain valuable insights from industry experts to inform your mortgage strategies.
MMG Daily
Join thousands of loan officers and mortgage industry leaders who get their mortgage market update from MMG Daily.  

Receive a current view of the mortgage market and stay informed about events that may impact mortgage rates, delivered to your inbox and your MMG dashboard every morning.
Bond Price Updates
What’s one of the biggest drivers of changes in mortgage interest rates?  Well, there are a many factors, of course, but changes in MBS bond prices are arguably one of the most impactful.
Bond Price Updates
Receive the updates by text message on a schedule you choose.
Video Explanations
We’ll help you translate complex concepts into digestible nuggets in our intraday videos.
Key Market Metrics
Track MBS bond price movement for mortgage rate insights.
Monitor the stock market's impact on mortgage interest rates.
Stay updated on treasury bills and treasury yields for rate trends.
Tabrasa MMG is Included in Tabrasa One!
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