Vantage Production
Is Now Tabrasa

In January 2018, Vantage Production was acquired by an owner-operator team of investors led by Bruce Jones, who is the new Chief Executive Officer.  We recently completed the process of rebranding our firm as Tabrasa, LLC.  Tabrasa is short for "tabula rasa," a Latin phrase translated as "clean slate" in English.  Our name was chosen as a reminder of one of the key beliefs of our firm:  many of the problems that our clients face can’t be solved by leveraging the failed approaches of the past – we must work closely with our clients to design and deliver new solutions from a clean slate.  

Our firm has a long history of combining mortgage industry experience and innovative technology products.  New additions to our leadership team include seasoned executives from Fortune 20 companies who each have long, successful track records of delivering large scale technology solutions – inside and outside of the mortgage industry.  The combination of the experience of the Vantage Production team and our new leadership will enable us to deliver enterprise-grade mortgage solutions that are unique in our market segment.  

We have delivered a number of significant product enhancements since the acquisition, with many more on the way.  Fill out the form below or call (800) 963-1900 to speak with someone today to learn more.

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