Top Mortgage Producers Tell All

Feeling overworked yet still underperforming? Is your production lower in the current purchase market? Then it’s time to reboot your business.

Lucky for you, Vantage Production’s expert faculty team have gathered their money-making strategies that have helped catapult their businesses time and again.

Listen in to our exclusive webinar replay to find out more about these topics:

  • “Don’t just do what everyone else is doing,” Ed Conarchy
  • "The nail appointment that changed my business," Linda Davidson
  • "My best advice," Derek Egeberg
  • “Focus on 5 incoming-producing activities that equal massive results,” Cindy Ertman
  • “Create the secret sauce of origination success,” Dave King
  • “Maximize referral source ROI,” Jason Klaskin
  • “Don't forget the kids,” David Kupier
  • “Be the aspirin,” S. John Murray
  • “Make a great last impression,” Karen Swanson
  • “Develop mental toughness and more!” Louise Thaxton

Fast-paced and full of proven profit-enhancing strategies, this webinar is one you don’t want to miss. 

As one attendee put it, “This was the best hour I spent in the past 30 days.”

Access Money-making Strategies from Top Producers now.

Heidi L. Everett

Heidi teaches marketing, business communications at Minnesota’s 2nd largest university. She has more than 25 years experience leading communication teams in international direct selling, retail, and higher ed. In addition, she has authored several articles on technical communication for corporations and small business as well as co-authored a Wall Street Journal Bestseller. Heidi is a writer and content strategist for Vantage Production, LLC.