60-Second Jobs Report Breakdown

Mortgage Market Guide's Quick Review of August's Jobs Report

In 60 seconds learn why rates moved up, what today's Jobs Report showed, and what you should be telling clients today in this quick video.

... And enjoy a few bars of Led Zeppelin while you are at it.

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Bill Bodnar

Bill Bodnar has been with Vantage Production since its inception and has performed many roles throughout the growth of the company. Bill is now SVP of strategic accounts, where he helps the nation's largest lenders discover the power and value of our VIP platform. A St. Peter's College graduate and lifelong student of the financial markets, Bill brings keen financial literacy and technical analysis skills to the Vantage Production team. He plays a key role in the creation and publication of our Mortgage Market Guide content, including our important Daily Update & Guidance and Instant Repricing Alerts. He also presents at lender sales rallies, webinars, conventions and training events on topics ranging from current economic conditions to insights and user-engagement success on our VIP solution. In a former life, Bill was also a member of the PGA of America and remains an avid golfer.